Teaching resources

Historical Research Methods and Tools
A tutorial I offered at Bard in the spring of 2011.

The Public Sphere in Britain, 1476-1800
A course Jason Peacey taught at University College London.

Researching the English Civil Wars
A tutorial I offered at Bard College in the spring semester of 2010. It needs work (and the syllabus itself is far. far too wordy). If I teach the course again, I would rethink the readings and heavy chronological emphasis. Beginning the course by asking the students to read (quickly) Blair Worden’s overview and analysis of what happened and why fell flat. Probably a combination of a dry text and too much to absorb too soon. The students enjoyed reading–and analyzing–Diane Purkiss’s narrative history.

Both general and detailed, from the terrific British Civil Wars, Commonwealth, and Protectorate website.


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