Romantic Rupert

March 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

For those of us in the Prince Rupert fan club, here’s a comprehensive scoop on the life and remarkable career of the pretty prince. So I’ve been interested in the extent to which he has been discovered by our popular culture….

Exhibit 1: The Last Cavalier. Somehow it wasn’t a surprise to learn that the brother of the pretty Princess Diana has written “an interesting biography of this interesting man… as Spencer illustrates, Rupert was not a one-dimensional man.” Substitute “woman” and “Diana,” and you’ll get the drift.

Exhibit 2: The Winter Prince. Summary from Publishers Weekly:” “Though married to James Stuart, duke of Richmond, Mary cannot resist the charms of Rupert le diable once the charismatic, swashbuckling playboy sets his sights on her.”

Exhibit 3: A Midsummer Tempest. Summary from Wikipedia entry: “Prince Rupert is taken by the Roundheads; held captive at a country house, he falls in love with his captor’s niece, Jennifer. One of his troopers, Will Fairweather, followed him to the house where he was held captive; with the help of Jennifer, Will brings him to Oberon and Titania, who offer magical aid. Rupert and Jennifer exchange magic rings that will aid them as long as they are true to each other. Rupert sets out with Will to find the books that….” Tee hee!


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