Prince Rupert

March 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

Prince Rupert, Count Palatine, c. 1641-1642

Charles’s nephew Rupert, only twenty-three years old when he joined his uncle’s army, not only had real experience on the battlefield (Germany), he was also a savvy military strategist, neither of which characteristics endeared him much to the older Royalist commanders, especially when his leadership of the cavalry was instrumental in the Royalist (sort of) victory in the Battle of Edgehill,  first major battle of the civil wars. He was bold, some say reckless, some say full of himself, but at any rate he was a figure of romantic derring-do and a rallying force. As you might imagine, he figured prominently in both Royalist and Parliamentarian propaganda. Charles snubbed him after Naseby, the battle that spelled the end to Royalist hopes for victory. Rupert was more than a pretty face, too. A scientist, he was one of the charter members of the Royal Society. George Clooney-like, he never married, and his mistress  was an actress. Figures.


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§ 2 Responses to Prince Rupert

  • Ariel says:

    Quite the dashing young man. Quite the Cavalier.

    What happened to him during/after the wars? Did he survive (unlike Uncle Charlie)?

    • Rupert of the Rhine did indeed survive and cut quite a swath in Restoration London during the reign of his first cousin Charles (II). Besides being a scientist, at various times he was a pirate, an artist (promoted some new printing method). survived a shipwreck, and did some sort of empire building in Canada (Prince Rupert, BC, is named for him).

      Being an animal lover, you’ll be interested to know that he took two pets along with him when he joined up with his uncle’s army. A dog named Boy, who was killed by a Parliamentarian pike during the Battle of Marston Moor, and a trained Monkey, whose fate is unknown…

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