February 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m Laura and I have a little something going on over at largactyl.wordpress.com. Mostly, I just drift. I’m very excited about this tutorial.

Last week I made a timeline of British history after the fall of Rome. Don’t worry, it was pretty brief; I only chronicled major events. I came to Jane and I said, “I don’t know anything about the Dark Ages,” and she said, “so use wikipedia.” and I did. I learned that The Dark Ages is not the right term to use at all, because it connotes an image of a time where nothing happened, when really, tons of stuff happened! William conquered — first Harald killed Harold and then Harold II killed Herald and then, you know, William conquered — and Vikings raged, and the black death was real gruesome and stuff. I also found an EEBO document called “AN ACT” regarding “the detestable sins of incest, adultery, and fornication.” There was a very interesting graphic on the cover as well as some odd content. Did parliament really publish it? was it perhaps sarcasm? Or a hoax? Or social commentary?

More soon!


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